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what remains once the war is won?


Look at them. Look at the brothers.  

Look at the haughty raised chin because appearances must always be kept, even if you’ve been caught on the hop by emotions or at the gym.

Look at the posture, ditto on appearances. Whether in a morning suit or lycra, a Holmes maintains his posture.  And his composure.

And the hand. The left hand and the curling fingers of impatience? Frustration? Frustration because they are brothers and love eachother really but it can’t easily be expressed?

Was this directed? Did one watch the other and take the gestures on?

Acting. It’s rather lovely.  Especially when done so blinking well.

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introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

mycraftismining be warned, I’m prepared to use every single one of these on you :P

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are oranges named oranges because oranges are orange or is orange called orange because oranges are orange

The colour was named after the fruit. Before that, people would just use the colour red to describe something that we consider orange now. It’s why we call gingers red-heads and why robins are red breasted, when really they’re an orange colour.


Jemma “712% done with your shenanigans” Simmons



My super-conservative devout Mormon parents (and society in general) have made a lot of progress toward acceptance since I first came out 11 years ago, and I’m genuinely grateful and impressed. But at the same time, I still feel a lot of hurt, and anger, and frustration at how far they (and society) still have to go. Sometimes it can be difficult to find balance between those extremes. It’s been mostly anger this week.

That first one

All the feels


Steve Rogers’ Logic > Everything

(Also, I always love to think how the other Avengers would have done this scene. Tony would build a contraption to get it. Hawkeye would shoot an rope-arrow through it and tug. Black Widow would scamper up like Mulan. Thor would just fly and Hulk would have just ripped the flag pole up from the earth and used it as a toothpick.)



Peggy Carter shows up for her first day as head of SHIELD. Her first task is to interview the roomful of men and women (but mostly men) who are waiting outside her new office. She can only hire a handful and she has to pick the best to ensure that SHIELD doesn’t get shut down (and to prove that she’s capable of running the thing in the first place).

She’s been in plenty of fights before but she’s nervous as she approaches her desk for the first time because the people she hires today could decide the fate of the entire organization.

The door flings open and a young woman enters. She profusely apologizes for being late and introduces herself as Peggy’s assistant, hired by Howard to help her through the day to day minutia of running SHIELD. Peggy’s relieved for the help.

The day constitutes boring interviews and plenty of potential but eventually Peggy winds up with her first response team. Months go by and over time Peggy realizes that her assistant is a capable fighter and starts to bring her along on missions.

One day, Howard witnesses her in action and openly tells Peggy he wishes he could have a secretary that good. Peggy asks why Howard didn’t tell her the girl had combat experience. Howard reveals he never hired an assistant for Peggy.

Cue the reveal the the assistant was one of the initial job candidates. Realizing there were plenty of more experienced agents in the room and not wanting to miss out on being part of SHIELD, she decided to secure a job using the only way she knew - deceit. Turns out she was an undercover agent during the war and, like Peggy, she was told she was no longer needed once the men came home. She made it to that final SHIELD interview but saw that Peggy looked flustered and took advantage of the situation. 

She’s made head of espionage instantly.




This particular set doesn’t make the rounds on Tumblr much, probably because it’s a bit darker in tone - I think it drives the point home a lot better. 

This officially rocks.


Istanbul, Pejac